NUSCBA is a non-profit organization with 18 local members who manage the affairs of the association. Members have direct access to information that is shared on a daily basis whether it concerns industry news, border delays, new regulations, anything critical to managing the flow of products from around the world that come through the Mariposa Port of Entry in Nogales, AZ.

Benefits of membership include these opportunities:

Lead the Direction

Lead the direction and mission of the organization through officer, board and committee positions.

Receive Instant Access

Receive instant access to relevant industry and border information.

Designate Charities

Designate what charities receive donations.

Present Donations

Present grant donations to recipients at public events.

The cost of joining NUSCBA is $500.00 annual fee. To join, contact Ivonne Maldonado, Office Manager Port Devanning Services LLC at 520-761-9955 or